I had originally started out using this tutorial here to make this graphic. I couldn’t figure one step out so it resulted in this companion piece in color here. Thanks to thosetutorials I was able to get the final result and that missing step! So I’d love to know - which do you like better?

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30 days until the Queen’s return

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» A Selfless Act - Outlaw Queen Fic


(AO3 link)

The Snow Queen’s arm flung wide and ice shot from her fingertips. Regina could see its trajectory and reacted, one thought forming before she jumped in front of the woman it was directed towards. Not Marian, not Roland’s mother. It was all she had time for before the icy blast hit…

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This Is Perfect. Evi Art Is Amazing

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Angelina Jolie being extremely cute on the set of Maleficent

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A Selfless Act - Outlaw Queen Fic

(AO3 link)

The Snow Queen’s arm flung wide and ice shot from her fingertips. Regina could see its trajectory and reacted, one thought forming before she jumped in front of the woman it was directed towards. Not Marian, not Roland’s mother. It was all she had time for before the icy blast hit her square in the chest, knocking the breath from her lungs as she fell. She heard someone yell out, but all she could think about was the bitter cold, spreading throughout her body. She had never felt so cold before, not even in the harsh winters of Maine, and it numbed all of her senses. The world shifted and she felt like she was floating, detached from the body she could no longer feel.

Robin looked on in abject horror as Regina’s body hit the ice. He felt paralyzed, frozen in fear, and he heard someone screaming. It was a moment before he recognized the voice as his own, shouting her name, clawing its way out of his throat. He had a vague sense that the fighting continued around him, David brandishing his sword at the icy queen with Snow at his side, bow drawn and arrow notched. None of that seemed to matter as he rushed across the ice toward Regina’s still form, clumsily slipping in his desperation. It seemed an eternity before he was finally next to her, crumbling to the ground on weak knees. He reached for her, pulling her into his lap, and yanking a glove off with his teeth. He pressed his hand to her cheek, checking for warmth and finding none.

 “Regina,” he choked. “Regina, please.” But she didn’t respond, her body seeming to grow colder still. He pulled her in tighter, futilely hoping to transfer some of his heat to her body. Her dark hair fell over her face and he reached out, burying his hands in it as he had so many times before and turning her face up to the sky. But where he had once reveled in the feel of her hair, soft strands caressing the pads of his finger, now he found only hardness and fragility. Each strand felt like a wire, dry and cold – frozen.

 She struggled to open her eyes, her own muscles waging war with her mind, fighting the invading cold. She saw a gloved hand in the corners of her vision and with extreme effort, twisted her gaze up to find him staring down at her, eyes wide and fearful. Robin, her Robin. No, he wasn’t hers, she remembered belatedly, but the cold was spreading to her head and even her thoughts felt like they were freezing.

 She felt something hit her cheek, freezing on impact, and she realized that Robin was crying. His mouth was moving and she strained to hear what he was saying. She watched his lips move, and knew he was saying “Regina” – she’d never forget how his lips looked when uttering her name. She couldn’t bear to see him so sad, so she smiled; at least she thought she was smiling. Her lips crackled and burned with cold and her fingers twitched, trying to reach up and smooth the wrinkles from his worried face.

 Robin saw her smiling through the haze of his tears. This blasted, beautiful woman lay in his arms, her warmth and life slowing leaving her body, and she was smiling at him. His heart rent in two and he cursed himself for every moment he had spent away from her these past weeks. He was a damned fool and he had let his so-called ‘honor’ decide the battle between his mind and his heart. How could he have been so blind?

She watched, from behind the frosty veil now beginning to obstruct her vision, as Robin leaned down, pressing his lips to her temple. He was so close, she knew from the whisper of his breath in her ear, the puff of air made visible in the chill, but she could not feel the heat from his skin.

“Regina. You can’t leave me, don’t you dare. I love you”

Her eyes widened, swiveling to meet his, and she could see the truth of his words, lighting a fire behind that blue she loved so much. And then he was kissing her, the fire behind his eyes spreading to her lips. They melted under his touch, warm and tingling as sensation returned and the fire spread throughout her body.

She knew the instant it thawed her freezing heart and she cried out against his lips, the pain suddenly acute and everywhere. But he was pulling back and looking at her with that crooked smile on his face, tears still falling from his eyes. His hands found her face and he whispered it again, “I love you, Regina.” And none of the pain mattered, then, or ever again.

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This is a tumblr hug (づ  ̄ω  ̄ )づ. Send this to 10 of your favorite followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs xoxo

Thank you my sweetling! <3

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When Everything You Have is Nothing - Chapter 2 - Letters


"Sound it out."

Her voice is gentle and soft, one hand over the stable boy’s as they move word by word over parchment. Regina’s neat and precise script is purposely spaced out and large, and she catches his gaze. “I wrote this one just for you.”

Her words reignite his need to hear them, and he focuses again. 

"I…w-would live in your…love as the s-sea gra…sea grasses live in the sea…" 

She listens as he reads on, the words committed to memory:

I would live in your love as the sea grasses live in the sea

borne up by each wave as it passes,

drawn down by each wave that recedes.

I would empty my soul as the dreams

that have gathered in me.

I would beat with your heart as it beats,

I would follow your soul as it leads.

When he finishes, the wind is lightly moving her hair across her face, and she smiles softly. “You’re reading so much faster now. I’m proud of you.”

"Could we discuss the words?" he asks, and he pushes her hair away from her forehead, eyes moving to the fresh cut on her lip. He’d kissed it a dozen times after she’d sobbed that her mother struck her, and now he kissed it again. "You would follow my soul?"

She smiles and reaches out to let her thumb move over the apple of his cheek, and this is it, this is the moment she’s thought about since writing the words for him the night before. “Daniel, I love you. And one day, I’ll follow you somewhere amazing.”

"I can’t lead you anywhere with elegant gowns and jewels."

"But I know we’ll give each other a good life, and that’s all that matters. That’s all I want. You and I together."

Foreheads press close and before he speaks again, his lips brush hers gently. “My love. My Regina.”

Her smile is wide and happy against his mouth, and she lets herself imagine a cottage by a babbling brook, with horses and children and happiness.

Forever with her stable boy.

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It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.


I feel like this needs some sort of fic with it… I’d attempt to write one but I can’t write at ALL ;).

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